Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Marcus Lorenzo Penn, M.D. is a physician by training but truly a photographer by passion. He has traveled much of the world gathering many photos of his experiences. His travels have taken him to six of the seven continents and to West Africa in 2007. From this trip Dr. Penn has created a photo series called Faces of Ghana from his very own Marc Lorenz Photography Collection. The primary intention of his photography simply involves, “Sharing the world with the world, one photo and one face at a time.” He seeks to inform, to empower and to heal all those who encounter his art pieces.

Dr. Penn envisions this to be a healing exposition, where the two “West Coasts” of Africa and America meet at one place, where the Diaspora meets the Domestic, where the world is shared with the world one photo and face at a time. The Faces of Ghana photo series will reveal the happiness that many Americans do not see of Africa. The Places of Ghana photo series reveals the paradox of visual beauty and historical brutality felt at the remnant castles of the West African slave trade. Dr. Penn provides short captions of his thoughts and feelings for each photo in this exhibit to bring people along the journey with him.

People will see grandmothers, uncles, sisters, cousins and more in the faces showcased. In essence, this exhibit will serve as a place of reunion for families of the Diaspora. It is an honor and privilege for the San Francisco Public Library to be the vessel for this process to take place.

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