Thursday, October 14, 2010

BOOKS IN SHORT- written by B. Hayes SFPL Librarian

One of the goals of this blog is to highlight a variety of book titles, and knowing that one person can only read so many books at a time; colleagues were enlisted to submit brief review/synopsis of some of their favorite titles.  This is the first of such postings.  All titles on this list were submitted by B. Hayes of the San Francisco Public Library.

Friends & Fauxs by Tracie Howard

This is the follow-up to the author’s 2007 novel Gold Diggers. Gillian is now an Oscar nominated actress for her starring role in the film Gold Diggers. Her greatest fear is that Hollywood feels as her marriage is the reason her career has been on this fast track. Prior to the release of Gold Diggers, Gillian was a “C” list actress, trying hard to make it to the “B” List.

Gillian’s best friend Lauren has finally found true love. She spends most of her time traveling around the world with her photographer boyfriend.

Reese’s scars from the car accident that killed Paulette (Lauren’s cousin,) have healed. She’s working on becoming a better mother and person. Reese has relocated to Los Angeles, in hope of a fresh start. She’s also in search of a new sponsor/boyfriend/husband.

Paulette’s car accident has been ruled a homicide. He brakes were cut. Lauren and Gillian find themselves on the hunt for her killer. There’s mystery, suspense, and blackmail.

Foxy by Pam Grier with Andrea Cagan

Pam Grier began life as a military brat. Her mother’s family is from Colorado and Wyoming. After living all over the United States and abroad, by the time she was in middle school, her family had finally planted roots in Colorado. Having been a victim of rape at the age of 6, and then again at 18, Pam yearned to get far away from Denver. She began entering beauty contest as a way to obtain money for college through prizes and scholarships. It was after a beauty pageant when Pam was approached by not one, but two casting agents. They put the idea of a career in Hollywood in her head. She decided to take her chances and her film career began soon after.

Pam says that she never felt comfortable in Hollywood. After a bout with cancer, she decided to make a permanent home in rural Colorado. She travels to Hollywood and other locations for work in film and television, but she tries not to stay away from home too long.

Millionaire Wives Club by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker

Biggie said it best, “Mo money, mo problems.” A fictional reality series entitled the Millionaire Wives Club, where there’s more reality than scripted fiction. In fact, there isn’t a script at all. These women are filmed in all of their glory. The show’s producer tries to set up scenes, yet things always seem to fall apart.

Evan is married to a NFL player. Milian is married to a suspended NBA player. Jaise is a divorcee, whose ex-husband is a professional boxer. Rounding out the group is Chaunci, the only “self-made” millionaire, who’s engaged to a multi-millionaire.

Evan and Milian have marriages that are rocky at best. Jaise spends more time trying to satisfy and snag the “right” man, than raising her 16 year old son. Chaunci is stuck on appearances, so much so, that she’s engaged to a man that she doesn’t love, and her daughter doesn’t like.

This book is full of surprises, and the women even mature in spite of all of the drama.

Feminista by Erica Kennedy

Erica Kennedy is the New York Times bestselling author of Bling. Her second novel, Feminista gives a glimpse into the life of a writer. Not just any old writer, but a contract features writer for a popular women's magazine.

Sydney has come a long way in the past 10 years; no longer is she the minimum wage earning temp/waitress of the month. She now has an annual 5 figure salary, quickly on her way to 6 figures. Feeling bad, knowing that she should be celebrating the fact that she can purchase whatever she desires, Sydney feels undeserving.

Having decided that a family will solve her problems, she enlists her sister in her quest for the perfect husband. To Sydney’s surprise, her sister hires a renowned matchmaker named Mitzi.

Section 8: A Hoodrat Novel by K’wan

K’wan’s novel Hoodrat is where the story began. The story continued in Still Hood. The third installment in the Hoodrat Series is Section 8. Tech has formed his own crew, which consists of Animal, Silk, China White, Asante, and Bassco.

Tech is out to get as much money as he can. He has dreams of leaving the street life, but he’s not sure that it’s possible. Animal, and assassin and sometime rapper, has been given the opportunity to leave the street life behind. The problem with his invitation is that it was given by Don B, owner and founder of Big Dawg Records.

Tionna, a wifey who has returned to the block, due to her man’s pending indictment. She vowed that she would never return to the block, but snitches had other ideas. Her man was caught as a result of someone in his crew violating the code of the streets. Revenge is on a back burner, as both Duhan and Tionna fight a losing battle that is the judicial system.

One night changes the fate of everyone. Tionna and her girls Gucci, Boots, and Tracey were out to have a good time. Don B and the members of Big Dawg Records were celebrating at a record release party. Animal attended the party, in an attempt to make a decision regarding a working relationship with Don B.